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We focus on the manufacturing and sales of packaging supplies
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Bag shape can be customized


Unrestricted, effortless storage!

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Soft tray bulk bags

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Antistatic bulk bag

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Professional China Manufacturer

Shandong Zhaoyang Packaging Co., Ltd.

We specialize in Bulk bags manufacturing and sales, meeting diverse procurement needs. Advanced production tech, internet service models and partnerships enable us.

Bulk bags factory

Shandong Zhaoyang Packaging Co., Ltd. is a well-known manufacturing enterprise in the packaging industry. Our commitment is to provide customers with high-quality, efficient, and worry-free packaging solutions through advanced production technology, innovative internet service models, and win-win cooperation concepts.

We specialize in manufacturing and sales of different packaging supplies to fully meet diverse procurement needs of our customers. We employ advanced production technology, innovative internet service models, and win-win cooperation concepts to achieve this objective.

As a packaging materials company, we strive to provide customers with the highest standards of service and product quality solutions. We respond quickly and effectively to the packaging needs of both existing and new customers, providing packaging options for food, construction, chemical, agriculture, horticulture, and other industries.

Walk Into Production Process

Each production process is subject to strict quality control, and we only produce safest bags

Polypropylene brushed

Use high-quality polypropylene raw materials

Circular Weaving

Yarns are woven into woven fabrics of different colors, sizes and weights by circular looms

Sewing into bags

Bags sewn by experienced workers

Quality inspection

Equipped with quality testing equipment, including tensile testing machines, load-bearing testing, etc., to ensure that the pass rate is infinitely close to 100%

Hydraulic packing

According to customer requirements, the packaging bags are compressed without affecting the packaging quality, which effectively saves transportation costs and saves freight for customers.

Packaging delivery

The master with more than ten years of forklift boxing carries out loading to ensure that each bag is arranged neatly and the space in the container is utilized to the maximum,We will ship it for you as soon as possible

Industries we serve

No matter what industry you are in, we can customize a high-quality ton bag to meet your needs.

Used for packaging and transportation of food ingredients such as flour, sugar, grains, etc.

For the collection and transportation of packaging waste or recyclable materials.

It is used for transporting powdery or granular materials such as fertilizers, plastic granules, chemical raw materials.

Used for transportation and storage of building materials such as sand, gravel, cement, etc.

Used for packaging, storing and transporting agricultural products such as grains, seeds and fertilizers.

Used for loading, transporting and storing minerals such as ores and mineral sands.


The freshest and most exciting news

How Bulk bags Save Your Shipping Cost

  • With more than 150 tons of balers, according to the size of the container.
  • Each bag is neatly packed into a square of more than 450 kg, which is easier to load and unload in the container

In this era of high shipping costs, more use of the space of the container to save as much as possible the purchase cost for customers.

How Bulk bags Save Your Shipping Cost​

What Our Costumers Are Saying

We have our own factory and 5 years ago we chose to purchase fabric rolls for sewing bags and some other products from ZHAOYANG, and to my relief we have been working very well with them, which has greatly helped us in our bag making business. I have to be honest and say that I don’t want too many people to know about them. They are definitely an excellent supplier. I hope their product and quality control will continue!


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