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Environmental industry ton bags

Contribute to effective waste management and resource recovery

100% polypropylene

Large volume design

Leak-proof and odor-resistant design

Why choose it

Sorting and recycling

Ton bags can usually be designed in different colors or with logos to help sorting and recycling. Different colors of tonne bags can be used to differentiate recyclables, hazardous waste, general waste, etc., which helps in the rational disposal of waste.

ton bags
ton bags

Leak and Odor Resistant Design

Some ton bags are designed to be leak and odor resistant, which is particularly suitable for packaging odour and liquid prone garbage such as organic waste. This helps to minimize pollution of the surrounding environment.

Compliance with environmental standards

n the waste disposal industry, ton bags are often required to comply with relevant environmental standards and regulations to ensure that they do not have an adverse impact on the environment during use and disposal.

bulk bags

Specialized handling

In some special cases, ton bags may be used to package waste that requires specialized handling, such as medical waste, hazardous chemicals, etc. These ton bags need to be designed to meet special safety standards.

Service philosophy

We have advanced production equipment and technical team to ensure that the manufacturing process of our ton bags strictly conforms to the industry standards. Using high-quality raw materials, combined with exquisite production processes, our ton bags excel in terms of load-bearing capacity, moisture resistance and durability. Whether they are used in different fields such as chemicals, grains, minerals, etc., our tonnage bags are able to fulfill their packaging tasks robustly and reliably.

We understand that every customer’s needs are unique, so we offer a full range of customized services. Whether it is the size of the ton bag, load capacity, printed logo or other special requirements, we are able to personalize the design and manufacture according to the needs of our customers. By communicating fully with our customers, we are committed to providing each customer with the most appropriate solution to meet their specific packaging needs.

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