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Bulk bags with baffles

bulk bags

A baffled bulk bag is a specially designed bag that contains one or more fixed baffles to separate and protect the contents of the bag.

This design allows items within the bag to be arranged in a more orderly manner, reducing the risk of collisions and damage.


For Top – Open Top, Flap Top, Duffle Top or Skirt top, Spout Top, Conical Spout top

For Base – Closed or Flat Bottom/ Skirt Open dump bottom / Spout bottom with Iris(Pajama) or Petal (Star) closure.

Clever design

bulk bags

Separation function

The main design purpose of bulk bags with baffles is to form a separation area in the bag to separate items and avoid mutual friction, collision or cross-infection. This is very beneficial for packaging products that are fragile, sensitive or have special requirements.

bulk bag storage

Increased packaging density

By effectively separating and arranging products, bulk bags with baffles can make fuller use of packaging space, increase packaging density and reduce packaging waste.

ton bags


Bulk bags with baffles can be customized according to customer needs, including the number, location and material of baffles. This flexibility makes this type of bag suitable for a variety of industries and products.

ton bags

Environmental Considerations

Some bulk bags with baffles may be made from recyclable materials that meet environmental requirements and help reduce environmental impact.

Applicable industries

bulk bags

Used for packaging electronic components, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other electronic products that are easily damaged and sensitive to static electricity.

It is suitable for packaging medical devices, drugs, biological products and other medical supplies that need to be kept clean, prevented from contamination and prevented from collision.

bulk bags
ton bags

Used for packaging food, especially fragile food, candies, biscuits, etc., to prevent mutual extrusion and collision.

Used to package automobile parts, such as bearings, sensors, etc., to prevent friction and damage between parts.

bulk bags

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