What is UV resistant bulk bags?

UV resistant bulk bags bulk bag is a kind of can inhibit or delay polymers and other organic compounds in the air or sunlight in the thermal oxidation or fading, deterioration, can effectively extend the product nature of the time of change and service life.

Prevents product discoloration

Good performance of UV protection, even if exposed to the outdoors, by the sun will not cause aging and discoloration of packaging products.

Extended shelf life

So that the product effectively mitigate the emergence of oxidative deterioration phenomenon, which can effectively extend the shelf life of the product, but also to avoid the disappearance of the product odor and the intrusion of external odor

Prevents water loss and drying out

By utilizing its moisture-blocking properties, it prevents the product from drying out due to water loss and does not damage the packaging prototype due to water absorption by the product.

Choosing the right bulk bag for you

bulk bag
Heavy-Duty FIBC Bags

Bulk bag type

ton bags types

Opening and lower flat bottom

ton bags types

Upper sealing cloth, lower flat bottom

ton bags types

Upper sealing cloth,lower discharge port

ton bags types

Upper feeding port,lower flat bottom

ton bags types

Upper opening and lower discharge port

ton bags types

Upper feeding port,lower discharge port

Product Applications

The properties of UV-resistant tonnage bags in these applications ensure that the product is protected from UV rays during transportation and storage, thus improving the overall quality and durability of the product.

Chemical industry

UV-resistant tonnage bags are widely used in the chemical industry and are particularly suitable for packaging UV-sensitive chemical raw materials and products. Their light-resistant properties help maintain the stability and quality of chemical substances.


UV-resistant tonne bags are often used in agriculture to package fertilizers, seeds and other agricultural products. This not only extends the life of the product, but also helps maintain the quality of the produce, especially during outdoor storage and transportation.

Construction Materials

UV-resistant tonneau bags are essential for packaging and transporting construction materials. They protect against UV rays, prevent aging, fading and degradation of construction materials, and ensure the quality of the final construction project.

mineral resources

In the mining industry, UV-resistant tonnage bags are used for packaging and transporting ores, mineral powders, and so on. This helps to prevent UV-induced color changes and quality degradation and ensures effective protection and transportation of mineral resources.

Food Processing Industries

For the packaging of food ingredients or finished products, UV-resistant tonnage bags prevent the photosensitizing effects of UV light on food products. This is essential for maintaining the freshness and quality of food products, especially when long storage times and long distance transportation are required.

Pharmaceutical industry

The effects of UV light on some pharmaceuticals can lead to degradation and loss of quality, so the use of UV-resistant tonnage bags helps to ensure the stability and effectiveness of pharmaceuticals.

Testing UV resistance

Testing the ton bag’s resistance to ultraviolet (UV) radiation is crucial to ensure that the bag does not suffer severe damage when exposed to sunlight for extended periods outdoors. UV radiation can lead to aging, fading, and loss of strength in plastic materials. Therefore, for ton bags used in outdoor applications, resistance to UV is of paramount importance.


UV Aging Test:

Utilize specialized UV aging testing equipment to simulate ton bags exposed to outdoor UV conditions.

Spectral Analysis:

Through spectral analysis, determine the ton bag material’s absorption and transmittance under different UV wavelengths.

Tensile Testing:

Perform tensile tests to assess the strength and elongation of ton bag materials after UV aging.

Visual Inspection:

Observe changes in the ton bag’s appearance after UV aging tests, including alterations in color, surface cracking, or brittleness.

Lifespan Prediction:

Based on the results of UV aging tests, make predictions about the ton bag’s lifespan and its expected duration in actual outdoor use.

Environmental Simulation Testing:

Conduct comprehensive environmental simulation tests in a laboratory that mimics real usage conditions, including UV radiation, temperature, humidity, etc.

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Production process

FIBC polypropylene


Raw materials such as high-quality polypropylene (PP) are used and mixed in specific proportions to ensure that the tonnage bags are strong and durable enough.

ton bag

spin silk

The mixed raw materials are processed by heating and then extruded into continuous plastic filaments.

teares circulares


Extruded plastic filaments are woven through a loom to form a fabric. This step determines the fabric density and strength of the ton bags.

ton bags


The woven fabric is cut to the designed dimensions in preparation for making the components of the ton bag.

bulk bag waterproof


Using high-strength thread, the components are sewn together through a specialized sewing process to form the appearance and structure of the ton bag.

quality control

Strict quality checks are carried out on the completed sewn ton bags to ensure that there are no defects in all aspects and that they meet the relevant standards.

China Bulk bags manufacturer


The ton bags, which have passed quality control, will be packaged and protected from the environment, ready to be shipped to customers.

ton bags


The completed ton bags are stored in the warehouse and shipped to the customer’s designated location through logistics channels.

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our workshop

pp processing temperature
pp processing temperature
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop


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Notes on the use of bulk bags

Know the maximum load capacity of the tonnage bag and make sure you do not exceed its rated load to prevent the bag from breaking or being damaged.

Carefully inspect the tonnage bags before use to make sure there are no tears, cracks or other structural problems. If any damage is found, the bag should be replaced to avoid accidents.

Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when stacking and make sure the stack is smooth to prevent the bulk bags from tipping or collapsing.

When loading material, ensure that the material is evenly distributed to avoid possible bag destabilization caused by concentrated loads.

 If needed, choose waterproof and moisture-proof tonnage bags, especially for use in humid environments, to protect the quality of the materials inside the bags.

 Avoid placing sharp objects directly into the tonnage bag to avoid puncturing the bag. Consider adding protective padding to the bag or using suitable packaging.

When using bulk bags in extreme temperature conditions, consider the applicable temperature range of the bag material to ensure that performance is not compromised.

Use appropriate equipment and operating methods to ensure that the lifting and handling process is safe and that accidents are avoided.

In the case of UV-intolerant bulk bags, direct sunlight should be avoided to extend their service life.

Comply with local and national transportation and packaging regulations to ensure legal compliance in the use of tonnage bags.

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