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Anti-Static FIBC Bags

Anti-static jumbo bags usually refer to a large bag that has the property of preventing the buildup and release of static electricity. These bags are commonly used for storing, transporting or packaging items that are sensitive to static electricity, such as electronic components, powders, chemicals, and so on. Static electricity can be damaging to certain substances, so measures need to be taken to prevent its buildup and release.

These anti-static jumbo bags are usually made using conductive materials in order to channelize static electricity effectively. In addition, they may also be equipped with a more protective layer to ensure that no electrostatic discharge occurs during use, thus reducing the risk of potential damage to the item.

This type of bag is common in many industrial sectors, particularly in areas such as electronics manufacturing, chemicals and healthcare, where many substances are very sensitive to static electricity.

Product Specification

product namePP big bag bulk bags jumbo storage bags
Material100% Virgin PP
Printing/ColorWhite / customization and logo printing
TopFilling spout
Bottomwith discharge spout
Packagingstandard packing or customers’ requirement
UsageElectronics industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, feed grade additives,
food grade additives, agriculture, minerals and powdered materials, etc.
ProcessingYarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film

Its advantages

electrostatic protection

conductive material

Insulating layer

Anti-Static FIBC Bags
Bulk Bags
jumbo bag

The main advantage of these bags is their ability to effectively prevent the buildup and release of static electricity. This is vital for storing and transporting static sensitive items such as electronic components and powders to prevent static electricity from damaging the items.

From anti-static jumbo bags are usually made from conductive materials, which help to channel static electricity out quickly, reducing the likelihood of buildup.

Some anti-static jumbo bags may also be equipped with an insulating layer to provide additional protection. This helps to reduce the risk of static discharge and ensures that items stored in the bag are not damaged.

Testing the capabilities of anti-static jumbo bags

  • Surface Resistance Test: A surface resistance instrument is used to measure the resistance of a bag’s surface to ensure proper conductivity.

  • Electrostatic Discharge Test: The use of electrostatic discharge test equipment to simulate actual conditions of use and to test whether the bag is protected against electrostatic discharge during handling or transportation.
  • Cushioning Performance Test: Evaluates the cushioning performance of bags by simulating transportation and handling processes to ensure that they are not susceptible to breakage or damage during use.
  • Insulation Testing: If the bag is equipped with insulation, tests can be performed to ensure the integrity and performance of the insulation. This may involve insulation resistance tests, etc.
  • Compliance with standards and certifications: Ensure that the antistatic bag meets industry standards and certification requirements, which may include those published by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), or other relevant standards organizations.

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Production process

FIBC polypropylene


Raw materials such as high-quality polypropylene (PP) are used and mixed in specific proportions to ensure that the tonnage bags are strong and durable enough.

ton bag

spin silk

The mixed raw materials are processed by heating and then extruded into continuous plastic filaments.

teares circulares


Extruded plastic filaments are woven through a loom to form a fabric. This step determines the fabric density and strength of the ton bags.

ton bags


The woven fabric is cut to the designed dimensions in preparation for making the components of the ton bag.

bulk bag waterproof


Using high-strength thread, the components are sewn together through a specialized sewing process to form the appearance and structure of the ton bag.

quality control

Strict quality checks are carried out on the completed sewn ton bags to ensure that there are no defects in all aspects and that they meet the relevant standards.

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The ton bags, which have passed quality control, will be packaged and protected from the environment, ready to be shipped to customers.

ton bags


The completed ton bags are stored in the warehouse and shipped to the customer’s designated location through logistics channels.

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our workshop

pp processing temperature
pp processing temperature
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop
ton bags workshop


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Precautions for using antistatic jumbo bags

Avoid placing the bags on surfaces that may generate static electricity, such as plastic tabletops or polyester carpets. It is advisable to store them in an anti-static environment and take anti-static measures.

The surface of the bag may be a critical contact point for items sensitive to static electricity. Therefore, during use and storage, avoid sharp objects and edges to prevent scratching the surface of the bag.

Adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines for usage and maintenance. This includes proper sealing methods, maximum load capacity, and any specific precautions.

Ensure that the bag’s seal is intact to prevent items from being affected by air, moisture, or other external factors.

Do not overfill the bags to reduce the risk of static electricity buildup and ensure there is enough cushioning space during transportation and handling.

Periodically inspect the condition of the bags, especially in areas that may be damaged or worn during use. If any damage is found, replace the bag immediately.

Avoid excessive use in high humidity or dry environments, as these conditions may increase static electricity generation and accumulation.

Avoid placing anti-static bags near substances that could lead to chemical reactions, to prevent damage to the bag’s materials.

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