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Bulk bags:What are the advantages?

More and more businesses are starting to use bulk bags and you can find the benefits in their name, they not only offer flexible materials but also flexible design options.

Bulk bags, often referred to as ton bags, get their name because their load is usually measured in tons. It is convenient for shipping bulk powder materials. It has the characteristics of large volume, light weight, and easy loading and unloading. Bulk bags is a common packaging material. one. The structure is simple, the weight is light, it can be folded, occupies a small space when folded, and has a low price. Bulk bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation-resistant and firm, and has sufficient strength in structure. Due to the convenience of loading, unloading, and handling bulk bags, loading and unloading efficiency has significantly improved, leading to rapid development in recent years.

Ton bags, bulk bags, and soft trays are made of polypropylene as the main raw material. After adding a small amount of stable condiments and mixing evenly, melt the plastic film and extrude it through the extruder, cut it into filaments, and then stretch. Shaped into high-strength and low-elongation PP raw silk, weave and coat it to create a base fabric of plastic woven cloth, and then sew with slings and other accessories to make a bulk bag. Bulk bags divide into three types according to shape: round, square, and U-shaped. The lifting structure has top hanging type, side hanging type and bottom hanging type, usually with inlet and outlet. It can be widely used in the packaging of various powdery, granular and massive items such as chemicals, building materials, plastics, mineral products, etc. It is an ideal product for storage, transportation and other industries.

bulk bags
Bulk bags

bulk bag Soft/flexible

Ton bag can hold free-flowing products or materials. They can easily carry high-strength loads without changing their structure. You can design your packaging for different fields, through different choices of bag structure/loading and unloading methods/materials. If you order bulk bags from us, we can help you design the optimal packaging solution for your products.

Light weight

Bulk bags, crafted from strong fabric, are lighter than other options, significantly reducing shipping costs for customers. Over time, the additional profit accumulates with each shipment in bulk bags, saving a considerable amount of money. Bulk bag substrates come in a variety of weights, but we can help you find the best substrate material for your product packaging.

Save space

Using bulk bags can also save you space in the warehouse. When you’re not packing, instead of using multiple rigid containers that take up space, you can fold it down to a smaller size.


Different from other bulk bags on the market with heavy-duty fillers, we use brand new PP raw materials. Once your bulk bag has reached the end of its life, you can send it to a special plastic recycling facility for a new purpose.

Bulk bag Easy to pack and ship

You can customize your bulk bag design to suit your preferred shipping method. The lifting ring design allows you to easily operate the mechanical lift to move and store your products and materials. Because bulk bags retain their shape, you can stack them safely and efficiently. If you need to transport food or other items requiring cleanliness, you can add inner pockets or choose an inner fabric material to protect your cargo.

Bulk bag are very versatile

We hope to have a good understanding of bulk bags. Flexible bulk bags are widely used, especially for packing bulk cement and food. Chemical raw materials, feed, starch, minerals (such as powder), fine-grained objects, loading, unloading, transportation, and storage are all very convenient.As export packaging, FIBC must ensure efficient loading and loading of export goods during loading, unloading, transportation and storage, and safely transport the goods to their destinations. T

Ton bag is a flexible transportation packaging container widely used for transporting and packaging food, grain, medicine, chemical products, minerals, and other powdery, granular, and lumpy items. It is recommended to use this container bag for storing transported and packaged goods. In the next few years, with the improvement of environmental protection awareness, the use of container bags in domestic and foreign markets will become more and more extensive, and the market prospect will be very good, which provides an opportunity for the development of container bags.

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