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Anti Static Type C FIBC

Anti Static Bulk bags Conductive Jumbo Big Bag refer to the class of FIBC that actually protects against dangerous static discharges through grounding of the bag itself during the filing and discharging processes. Anti Static Bulk bags safe when grounded because any electrostatic potential that builds up as a result of rapid filling or discharging quickly and safely exits the bag to ground via the network of conductive fibers woven into the fabric of the bag.

Conductive Ton Bags
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Product Specification

Product nameAnti Static Type C FIBC
Material100% Virgin PP
TypeTop spout and flat bottom / Top spout and bottom spout/top full open 
Printing/ColorWhite / Yellow suspenders/customization and logo printing
TopFull open/Filling spout
BottomFlat/plain/with discharge spout
Packagingstandard packing or customers’ requirement
Usageelectronics industry,Semiconductor industry,Chemical industry, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, automotive industry, aerospace sector,etc.

Product Advantages

These advantages make anti-static bulk bags the preferred choice for packaging sensitive materials in many industries.

Static protection

The most notable advantage is that it provides effective static protection against the build-up and release of static electricity, thus protecting the bulk material inside the bag from static damage.

Electronic Component Protection

In the electronics industry, these bags can be used to package and transport electronic components, effectively preventing static electricity from damaging electronic devices and improving the reliability and life of equipment.


When handling flammable or explosive materials, anti-static bulk bags help reduce the risk of static-induced fires and explosions, improving the safety of the work environment.

Quality assurance

These bags are usually designed with good sealing properties to prevent external factors such as dust and moisture from affecting the bulk material and to maintain the quality of the material.

Widely used

Due to its superior electrostatic properties, anti-static bulk bags are widely used in electronics, semiconductors, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, automotive, aerospace and many other industries for the packaging and transportation of a wide range of sensitive materials.

Environmentally friendly

Often made from recyclable materials, which helps to minimize environmental impact and meets the requirements of sustainable development.

Anti Static Bulk bags Detailed display

Bulk bags

Carefully selected materials

Renowned for its robustness and durability, Anti Static Bulk bags stands out as an exceptionally sturdy material.

Bulk Bags

Conductive material

Electrostatic Protection: Constructed with conductive materials, effectively preventing electrostatic buildup, reducing the risk of electrostatic discharge, and safeguarding materials from damage.

Bulk Bgas

Customizable sizes

We can customize the Bulk bags according to your needs.

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Precautions for use

Ensure that the bag opening is correctly closed to prevent static electricity from entering the bag from the outside or being released from the bag. Correct closure helps maintain static protection inside the bag.

Although antistatic bags usually have some moisture resistance, extra care should be taken to keep the material inside the bag dry when used in a humid environment. Moisture may affect the quality of the sensitive material inside the bag.

Avoid excessive friction or squeezing of the bag during use to avoid affecting the performance of the anti-static bag. Holding and releasing the bag gently can reduce the generation and release of static electricity.

Try to store the anti-static bulk bags in a dust-free, dry environment, away from places that may lead to static electricity, such as friction to generate static electricity.

Avoid using antistatic bags on sharp or rough surfaces to prevent scratching the surface of the bag and reducing its electrostatic protection properties.

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