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Baffle bulk bags

A baffled bulk bag is a packaging design that has internally fixed baffles that are used to create separated areas within the bag to prevent packaged items from colliding with each other and being damaged. This design helps improve the overall stability and protective properties of the package.

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A baffled bulk bag is a type of packaging bag specifically designed for the storage, transportation and handling of bulk materials. It adds an internal support baffle to a regular bulk bag, which is usually made of strong material such as cardboard, plastic or metal and is fixed to the inside of the bag to maintain the shape and structure of the bag.
The team’s goal is to provide customers with the most suitable packaging solutions, enhance the packaging level and product image of their products, and earn their trust.
In terms of sales and service, we have assembled a team of industry elites to provide customers with the most professional and comprehensive services. Our professional sales and service team specializes in selling bulk bags and other packaging products. We are committed to working hand in hand with you to achieve success together!
We maintain a large inventory of bulk bags that can accommodate a wide range of products, such as feed, fertilizer, seeds, animal by-products, firewood, minerals, construction materials, landscape media supplies, bulk food, and more. If you require customized bags, we can also provide that service, including logo printing. Our delivery service is fast and secure, ensuring that your products are delivered directly to you without hassle.
We are excited to collaborate with customers and exchange ideas for creating customized packaging solutions that meet their specific needs. If you are interested in learning more about our products before making a purchase, please visit our website. Our website provides an overview of our bulk bag packaging products, but if you have specific packaging requirements, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to discuss your needs and offer guidance on the bestpackaging solutions for you.


product nameBulk bags with baffles
Material100% Virgin PP
Printing/ColorWhite /Black/Orange /customization and logo printing
Topopening/spout/sealing cloth
Packagingstandard packing or customers’ requirement
UsageElectronics industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, feed grade additives,
food grade additives, agriculture, minerals and powdered materials, etc.
ProcessingYarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film

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Advantage and Uses

Baffle bulk bags-Advantage

  1. Protection performance: The existence of the baffle can improve the overall structural stability of the bag and effectively protect the contents of the bag from external impact, extrusion and collision. This is critical for protecting fragile or sensitive products.
  2. Prevent cross-infection: For some occasions where it is necessary to keep clean and prevent mutual contamination of products, bulk bags with baffles can separate the products to prevent cross-infection and mutual contamination.
  3. Orderly arrangement: The existence of baffles helps to arrange the items in the bag in an orderly manner, reducing friction and collisions between items and improving overall packaging efficiency. This is very important for improving work efficiency during production and transportation.
  4. Increased packaging density: By effectively separating and arranging products, bulk bags with baffles can make fuller use of packaging space, increase packaging density and reduce packaging waste.
  5. Reduced Loss: By providing additional support and protection, bulk bags with baffles help reduce product loss rates during transportation and storage, increasing product integrity and usability.

Baffle bulk bags-Uses

  1. Electronics industry: Used for packaging electronic components, semiconductor devices, integrated circuits and other electronic products that are easily damaged and sensitive to static electricity.
  2. Medical industry: Suitable for packaging medical devices, drugs, biological products and other medical supplies that need to be kept clean, prevented from contamination and prevented from collision.
  3. Food industry: Used for packaging food, especially fragile foods, candies, biscuits, etc., to prevent mutual extrusion and collision.
  4. Chemical industry: Suitable for packaging chemical products, powdery items or liquids to protect products from external impact and extrusion.
  5. Auto parts industry: Used for packaging auto parts, such as bearings, sensors, etc., to prevent friction and damage between parts.

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