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Round Bulk Bags

bulk bags

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NEW FIBC-Round Bulk Bags

In the world of industrial packaging, the spotlight is shining brightly on Round Bulk Bags. These versatile giants have revolutionized the way businesses handle, transport, and store bulk materials. If you’re navigating the landscape of bulk bags, this guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from the basics to the nuances that set round bulk bags apart.

Understanding the Essence of Bulk Bags

A bulk bag is a type of bag used to package bulk materials in which the material is usually in granular or powder form. Such bags can contain a variety of goods such as fertilizers, grains, chemicals, etc. Bulk bags are designed to facilitate the storage, handling and transportation of large quantities of bulk materials. They are usually made of durable materials to ensure that they do not break or leak during handling and transportation.applications.

The size and shape of these bags vary depending on the application; some may be flat-bottomed while others may be cylindrical in shape. Bulk bags usually have a sealed or moisture-resistant design to maintain the quality and dryness of the material inside the bag.

In logistics and supply chain, bulk bags help to simplify the transportation and warehousing process by providing an effective packaging solution. They are also commonly used in trade and agriculture, providing a convenient way to package, store and distribute bulk materials.

Unpacking the Advantages

Efficient Space Utilization

The round design promotes seamless material flow, reducing the risk of clogs and making the loading and unloading processes smoother than ever.

Enhanced Product Flow

The round design promotes seamless material flow, reducing the risk of clogs and making the loading and unloading processes smoother than ever.

Enhanced Stability

Due to its design features, round ton bags are more stable during transportation, reducing the risk of damage to the goods and saving costs for the enterprise.

Product Description

product namePP big bag bulk bags jumbo storage bags
Material100% Virgin PP
Printing/ColorWhite / customization and logo printing
TopFull open/Sealing cloth
Packagingstandard packing or customers’ requirement
UsageFood and Agriculture, Chemicals and Mining, Construction and Engineering, Environmental Protection and Waste Management, etc.
ProcessingYarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film

Product Showcase

bulk bags
ton bag
jumbo bag

Why Choose Us

FIBC polypropylene

Good Raw Material Good Quality

The quality starts from scratch, and is made of new PP materials, which are high-strength, safe and durable.

FIBC are made of woven polypropylene or polyethylene fabric, making them strong, flexible, and lightweight. 

Special Sewing Thread For FIBC

Solid workmanship, uniform sewing, not easy to open thread.

The widened sling is the basis for carrying large bags. The widened design of the sling can carry more loads, stronger weighing force, and high tensile strength.

FIBC Bulk bags

Production Process

FIBC polypropylene

Polypropylene materials

Crafting our raw materials involves meticulously blending polypropylene with specific masterbatch materials in precise proportions. This meticulous process enhances the durability of our tonnage bags, ensuring superior quality and resilience.

ton bag

Spin silk

Subjecting the meticulously prepared raw materials to a controlled heating process initiates the extrusion of continuous plastic filaments. This method ensures precision and consistency in the formation of the filaments, maintaining the quality throughout the production process.

teares circulares

Weave cloth

The next stage involves the passage of these plastic filaments through a loom, where they undergo meticulous weaving to form the fabric of the bags.This intricate weaving method is pivotal in shaping the structural integrity and strength of the final bags.

ton bags

Cutting and sewing

Once the woven fabric is ready, it undergoes precise cutting to predefined measurements, following which it is skillfully sewn together to craft the distinctive appearance and robust structure characteristic of a tonnage bag. This tailored process ensures uniformity and durability in the final product.

China Bulk bags manufacturer

Packaging and storage

Upon finalization, the fully assembled tonnage bags undergo meticulous packing procedures, carefully prepared to meet storage requirements within our warehouse facilities. This stage ensures that the bags are organized and stored efficiently, ready for timely delivery when required.

ton bags

Logistics Transportation

Following the warehouse preparations, the completed tonnage bags seamlessly transition into our logistics operations. Our streamlined logistics system ensures prompt and efficient delivery of these bags to our valued customers, meeting their needs with precision and timeliness.

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Precautions for use

Ensure that the bag opening is properly closed during use to prevent material leakage or external contamination.

 If the tonnage bag needs moisture-proof performance, pay attention to store in a dry environment to maintain the quality of the material inside the bag.

When stacking tonnage bags, ensure stable stacking to avoid tipping or crushing the bags.

Ensure that the round tonnage bag selected is suitable for the specific type of material to be packaged to meet the special requirements of the material.

Regularly inspect the appearance and structure of the tonnage bags, noting any wear and tear, cracks, or other potential problems, and promptly repair or replace defective bags.

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