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Soft tray bulk bags

Soft pallet pp bag

Soft tray bulk bags are a device used for transporting, storing and handling goods. Compared with traditional hard pallets, soft pallets are usually made of soft materials such as polymers, textiles, etc.

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Soft pallet pp bag

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Soft tray bulk bags

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Soft material

Soft tray bulk bags are usually made of soft, flexible materials. This makes them lighter and more adaptable to cargo of different shapes and sizes.

Soft pallet pp bag

Foldable and rollable

Soft tray bulk bags often have foldable or rollable features that allow them to be folded up when not in use to save space. This design makes it more flexible and efficient when transporting and storing.

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Compared with traditional hard pallets,soft tray bulk bags are usually lighter, helping to reduce transportation costs and improve handling efficiency.

Soft pallet pp bag

Cargo protection

Soft tray bulk bags are usually designed with anti-skid, cushioning and shock-resistant features to help protect cargo from damage during handling and transportation.

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Soft pallet pp bag

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